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  • Electronic distribution of my ideas for a new concept vertical axis wind turbine

    If my ideas are taken up, and developed into a fully functioning system, by an organization or individual with the necessary skills (engineering/computer aided design) and resources (fabrication facilities/funds) then the harvesting of wind power to generate electricity will move into the cities reducing the need to transmit energy over the national grid with its attendant loss of energy: due to electrical resistance, that this entails. It will also create jobs and stimulate growth in the green economy.

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  • Support the DESERTEC project

    This action is to support the DESERTEC project by passing the word on and trying to get the UK government to participate. The DESERTEC concept is a plan for how to supply Europe's electricity that makes use of Concentrating Solar Power from the countries around the Mediterranean, as well as other renewable technologies. Several European and North African countries support the project. There are various actions described on these websites: - Desertec UK site: www.trec-uk.org.uk - Desertec main site: http://www.desertec.org/en/concept/ Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) uses the suns heat to generate steam for a conventional turbine-generator set. The club of Rome and a study... Read more

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  • Practical suggestion for future power and climate change mitigation

    The magnitude of the repulsion and attraction is proportional to the current flowing in any connected load. This is why a generator will lock solid if the output is shorted. Infinite current means infinite braking. I’ve called my idea a “Generator Braking Compensator” because that’s what it does. The compensation varies in proportion to the current flowing and is the result of “re-using” the current before it gets dissipated in a load. The test rig is crude but using comparative measurements (I spent a year making sure I’d got it right) the pure speed increment from bare load to compensated load is... Read more

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  • Attempts to get a buy-in for my idea

    Most of what I write here is retrospective. I have already produced a test rig which effectively prototypes the initial idea and demonstrates beyond doubt that the input power required to produce electricity can be reduced dramatically. I have also attempted to contact the UK government (several emails since last December) and other organisations, including the LCIG, several of the big names, several small names and some in-between. I have had either no reply or the sort of reply I used to get when I found I couldn’t get another job in IT. Courteous but useless. The big names obviously... Read more

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  • Submission to an organisation that could start to make things better

    Over the weekend before last I stumbled upon an Ideas and Technology submission form published by one of the only remaining truly UK based technology companies. I decided to tell all. On this site (OFP) I have not revealed all for a very specific reason. If you read what I’ve already written you will know that I’ve outlined what I have found to several parties but the specifics have been retained. I have sought to restrict precise detail to an organisation that could use it for the benefit of the UK in the hope that by doing so it could... Read more

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  • Action – To challenge the experts you have to be either stupid or very brave

    I can afford to wait for the realisation of what I’ve proven to be possible to percolate slowly into the experts’ brain attics. But percolate it must and I must help that process. It isn’t easy to challenge what has been considered sacrosanct for many years; one individual suggested that someone doing so was either stupid or very brave. I’ll leave the reader to assess if either is applicable to me. My interest is in making a positive and meaningful contribution to getting the planet back to health. Apart from the excellent work done by such persons as James Hansen I... Read more

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  • Attempting to distribute my ideas for a new concept wind turbine.

    My design is extremely adaptable. It will allow for the generation of electricity from wind power in the urban environmet.

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  • Defining practical uses of the GBC now it has reached the substantive examination stage

    Note. The exact mechanism of the GBC is not discussed here for obvious reasons concerning the patent application. The full set of application documents is due to be published May 2011. The detail following concerns how the GBC could affect existing electrical power generation.--- Some time in the not-too-distant future, the GBC principles will hopefully be applied to all forms of generator in the field. In so doing, existing hydrocarbon fuel stocks could be stretched to their maximum, but, more importantly, CO2 contributions to the atmosphere could be severely constrained.--- All mechanical generators relying on a flux bearing rotor rotating within a... Read more

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  • Request to publish my compensator early; someone has to make use of it for the environment’s sake.

    I am distinctly aware that my blathering on this site is perhaps considered to be just that and perchance no-one is remotely interested in anything I have to say. Some time ago, when I posted my first small article on OFP, I questioned whether I was just wasting my time. I’ve had nothing to suggest otherwise except for one reply which, as it happens, was useful in forcing me to question that same blathering. --In case someone is actually reading this, one of the biggest reasons for even bothering to contribute is because regardless of the plethora of reporting, analysing, prevarication... Read more

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  • In – Out – In – Out - Shake it all about – I wonder if anyone else knows how difficult it is to get patent claims right ?

    I mentioned Barnes Wallis in my last post to OFP. Where he had trouble with dropping I’ve had trouble with words, to the extent that I’ve now submitted my patent three times and withdrawn twice. Not being exactly part of the rich set (in fact not being rich at all) I couldn’t afford what could have been the extortionate fees of a patent attorney. -- What I do know now though is that the idea is unique and patentable. At the time of this post (18-4-2011) another search and substantive examination are in progress. The specification has now ballooned to 17... Read more

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