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  • Hoan Kiem Lake

    Shared by 5 Citizens Created by Linh Nguyen
  • Reduce my water usage

    We are depleting our fresh water at an alarming rate. In the west the average person uses around 466 litres daily! I've just worked mine out using this water calculator (http://www.csgnetwork.com/waterusagecalc.html - its American so works it out in gallons go to converter to find out litres) and its 355.8 litres for my household (of two) per day! We are reducing our flushing by half, ensuring we only do one full load wash per week, and alternating shower days - people are too clean these days anyway!

    Shared by 3 Citizens Created by Tansy Baigent
  • Wash Your Car On The Grass Or At A Car Wash

    Soap and dirt from washing your car can flow into storm drains and into lakes and rivers, making them polluted and harmful to animals. If you wash your car on the grass the ground can filter the water naturally. Better yet, take it to a car wash! Car washes can recycle and/or treat the water,and they use way less water than the average home car wash.

    Shared by 3 Citizens Created by Madeline Offerman
  • Shower to toilet, why losing so much water?

    Every shower corresponds to 80 litres in average and 8 for flushing the toilet. Knowing we flush 35 times/week the toilet, this corresponds to 240 litres: By using the shower's water for the toilet, we would save around 240 litres per person per week... by couple of billion people, this can make a huge difference!

    Shared by 2 Citizens Created by Ruben Kostucki