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Our Planet's Future-The Book

Monday 19 March 2012
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Our Planet's Future

Our Planet's Future

A book by Karl Jaeger.

Our present planet is in trouble.

In a world that is driven by competition, it is surely the achievement of planetary cooperation that will save us? Competitive behaviour leads to global warming, conflict and habitat destruction.
And it creates losers.
This provocative book by Karl Jaeger inspires and challenges conventional thought processes. Written in narrative, the book follows the lives of a group of children from the fictional school 'Pimsworth'. It takes a look at how we can address the pressing issues of education, population and happiness within our current planet, and how our present competitive scenarios can be turned into cooperative ones.

Purchase your copy of this ebook at the exclusive rate of £3 - available only to visitors of Our Future Planet.
50% of all profits will go back into Our Future Planet courtesy of Mr Jaeger.

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