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johnwilliam hohepa




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12 Feb 2010

There is no other technical industry and or real supportive means of making change to the serious issue's dramatically effecting peoples and society as a whole on a global basis in this day an age than the broadcasting industry itself. The marvels, technologies, resources and the practical advancements of what it has become and has to offer for the future demands recognition
for a type of industrial revolution.


  • tell me more please

    Written by Karl Jaeger on 07 Jun 2010, at 14:57 Report this comment

  • Hi Karl this is a very late response to your question in June 2010 how ever I believe its worth my answering you and in a way for me to tell you more about this is a challenge as your the 1st on the planet to question me and ask for feed back, however I feel this is a genuine situation where the possibilities of developing a new campaign or initiative in the broadcasting industry can really have a positive effect to save our planet and aid mankind in so many positive ways must be clearly understood.

    Written by johnwilliam hohepa on 20 May 2012, at 22:46 Report this comment

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