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Wissenz Eva

Solar Fire: free and powerful solar energy with open source low tech



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22 May 2012

Location: The world sun belt

Why for?

By developing truly democratic renewable energy methods that:
- Are accessible essentially anywhere with locally accessible sunlight and materials.
- Pay for themselves in fuel savings in a short enough time for communities to easily build.
- Provide a high-temperature and high-power thermal energy source to cover most domestic, local craft and mid-sized industrial thermal energy use.

Could have huge social-environmental impact such as:
- Radically decrease pollution and reduce deforestation.
- Outperform destructive energy methods on price and efficiency.
- Bring solar energy to those disenfranchised in the coal and oil system.
- Provides an autonomous energy (and thus political) infrastructure to communities around the globe.
- Power new sustainable activities anywhere.

To name but a few. All this without complicated top level political negotiations, but by simply being more accessible and more effective than fossil, coal and nuclear energy. This may seem a big ambitious plan, but humanity is facing big energy problems.

Solar Fire proposes to make our contribution to this ongoing revolution. Releasing this knowledge into open source puts this knowledge directly into people hands.



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  • A fine idea. See more at http://www.solarfire.org/Let-s-do-the-Solar-Revolution

    Written by Tim Powell on 29 May 2012, at 14:05 Report this comment

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