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Karl Jaeger

We should replace Competition with Cooperation


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21 Nov 2013

Dear Fellow Citizens of Our Future Planet
Our Future Planet (a registered charity) has now passed a citizen achievement level of 10,000 citizens! It’s hard to think back to when Our Future Planet drew its line in time, distinguishing our present planet from our future planet which began with no citizens, but a clean slate for the creation of a better future planet.
OFP’s 10,000 citizens are using its Ideas Globe to offer and exchange ideas for a better planet’s future. As co-founder of OFP, I also have ideas. One of mine is to replace our present planet’s competitive procedures and systems with cooperative ones. This is because it seems to me that our present competitive systems have a fundamental flaw, namely competition, which leads to losers as well as winners. The losers are unhappy and suffer and strike back.
Here the United Nations is a perfect example of the fault. Ever since the UN was created in 1945, its nations have killed some 55,000 of each other’s citizens every year.
What is needed is a United Planet composed of cooperating citizens.
And the above revelation is that our present planet’s education system also contains many faulty educational systems filled with competitive educational procedures. What is needed is a cooperative educational system where a student is not competing with the student sitting next to them to see who gets into the next educational institution.
Our Future Planet describes cooperative educational procedures and a competitive planet.
OFP invites anyone and everyone to respond and cooperate on our website, www.ourfutureplanet.org.
Karl Jaeger
Our Future Planet

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