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Karl Jaeger

Secrets and Secrecy


Human Behaviour

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25 Nov 2013

Dear Fellow Citizens of Our Future Planet
Re: Secrets and Secrecy
Here is a letter from Karl Jaeger, Co-founder of Our Future Planet. Whenever I see the words secret or secrets or secrecy or secretive, I think that’s competition and competitive activities.
Someone or some group or some organisation is trying to keep some other entity in the dark, thereby creating two (or more) competitive entities.
And almost inevitably the motivation of the creators of the secret is for their private, personal, benefit to the detriment of the uninformed outsider(s).
When you see the words secret or secretive, etc., ask yourself what’s the motive behind this scenario. Almost inevitably it is a competitive procedure involving competitive winners and losers.
Now the scheme may make it seem nice by calling it personal or private but, at the end of the day, there will be winners and losers. Secrecy is not part of a cooperative planet which no longer has competitive and destructive procedures.
Send OFP examples of our present planet’s competitive secrets and your ideas as to how Our Future Planet’s Citizens should respond to them to create a cooperative planet.

Karl Jaeger

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