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Karl Jaeger

Reaching for a better planetary future



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24 Feb 2009

Will we have nations or simply one planet? If we follow ‘planetary thought’
do we need more than one monetary system?

After all a simple monetary system would mean one’s money was good any and
everywhere on our planet. There would be no need for money changes or rates of exchange. Varying rates of inflation and depression would be

And indeed when we see our present planet’s banking chaos, does Our Future Planet need more than one bank? Every planetary citizen has his or her own unique planetary identity – finger prints, DNA, Iris characteristics and
with one’s ID comes one’s banker’s card.

Of course our present planet is heading that way fast but there’s still resistance and attempts to avoid a planetary monetary system. For example,
on Friday the 13th (significant?) of Feb, an article in The International Herald Tribune (page 15) reports ‘wealthy individuals’ returning to Swiss
banks. Why? To a large extent because they want to get out of banks in which governments may own stakes and thereby make it harder to hide one’s wealth from one’s nation and its tax collectors and law enforcers. Cayman Island money hiders and tax eluders will always continue or move to another
island or back to Switzerland, etc., if they can.

Nationalising the banks may be one step forward but planetising the nation’s banks is the best answer for all of our future planet’s citizens. What do
you think?

Indeed, how does Our Future Planet replace the 192 United Nations with one united planet
which then needs no armies and nuclear weapons – at least not until another unfriendly planet comes by.

Of course, to citizens of our present planet the above planetary thoughts may seem unimaginable but that’s what Our Future Planet is all about –
imagining the unimaginable.

By starting to imagine planetary procedures, one can be freer to recognise many of the weaknesses of our present planet’s qualities, or lack of
quality. Imagination is a good use of time if it helps our present planet to reach a better planetary future.

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