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Karl Jaeger

A New Approach to Religion


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24 Feb 2009

'When we blindly adopt a religion, a political system, a literary dogma, we become automatons - we cease to grow' ~

Anais Nin

Religion brings both peace and war, and is a force for both good and ill. I shall draw the line: say that in the present planet there are thousands of religions. As we cross the line and enter Our Future Planet, we begin with none of these existing religions.

Let's bring with us our wisdom and will to design a whole new way of being and believing.

As a Citizen of Our Future Planet, share your ideas on what this new way might be on YourForums.

Does our planet need a religion, and if so, what will it be? If not, in what way will people express their moral and spiritual beliefs?



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  • We already have the right and perfect solution to this. As a New Thought minister, our organiztion (which has been around for 100 years) shares the universal principles of science and spirituality. We teach love, acceptance, self empowerment, the co-creative truth of our souls and share our faith, philosophy and way of life, with those fortunate enough to find us. We are small compared to many " church communities" but we are an international group, with independently run centers all over the world. Our "ministers" have participated in the Parliament of World religions, supported personal and global transformation for many years. We are creating a New Humanity and supporting a world that is GOOD for all. Our teens are involved in an ongoing project: building 20 schools in Malawi, Africa, rescuing elephants in Thailand, sponsoring spiritual retreats to support people in growing in conscious awareness of the Truth of who they really are. We stand for something and against nothing. I invite all with an interest to check us out. Our local center's site is: http://www.ccccl.org. Our international group is at http://www.rsintl.org -- there you can find a center close to where you live. -- blessings to all on the journey-- Iris

    Written by Iris Sauber on 21 Nov 2010, at 12:19 Report this comment

  • Re: "Does our planet need a religion" - I think this planet needs *all* of our religions, but where adherents focus on *living* by the religious teachings (many prophets e.g. in Abrahamic faith traditions are great examples of simplicity and justice for/ with all species), not something behaving more like extremist football fans focusing on 'us' and 'them' and focusing on blind defence of the religion as warriors, ignoring the real teachings they are saying they are defending....

    Written by Rianne C. ten Veen on 07 Jan 2012, at 21:36 Report this comment

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