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Karl Jaeger

BiodiversityPositive Actions



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23 Feb 2009

Two major actions have taken place to preserve biodiversity:

• The EU backed 2006 Biodiversity Communication and Action Plan - aiming to halt the loss of biodiversity by 2010

• The Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), published in 2005. This provided a comprehensive appraisal of the consequence of ecosystem change for human well-being.

Yet even in the short time since the MA was published, the rate of loss is accelerating. It is critical that we reverse this loss. While we can and should make a major effort to conserve and protect the habitats that are the basis of biodiversity, this is not enough. We have to tackle the issue through the major decision making agencies who impact on biodiversity. These are:

• governments who frame policy

• companies which exploit our natural environment

• international institutions which seek to promote development globally

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