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Laurence Northcote



Sustainable Living

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08 Dec 2009

Sustainable Development means a targeted, long-term (continual), comprehensive and synergetic process, affecting conditions and all aspects of life (cultural, social, economic, environmental and institutional) at all levels (local, regional, global), oriented to such a model of a certain community (local and regional community, country, international community), which meets biological, material, spiritual and social needs and interests of people, while eliminating or considerably reducing interventions threatening, damaging or destroying conditions and forms of life. It does not burden the landscape over the bearing capacity, reasonably uses its resources and protects the cultural and natural heritage.

Of type « Cite des Science (Paris) » this project consists in bringing together all the actors of the Sustainable Development (SD) and researchers in a scientific and ludic way in only one place.

The visitors will be able to go from house to house while walking, driving or cruising with ecological means of transport (bicycle, electric cars, boats, etc. manufactured in the park)

The idea of the project came for several reasons because at the present time too many people do not know what is the SD as a whole concept as in detail, and what can be, initially:

1. The financial, social and environmental repercussions.
2. The resources of knowledge and know-how.
3. The Concept of the Sustainable Development.
4. The methodology, constraints and advantages.

It is a park which hosts 22 HQE houses and visitors can see what the companies, associations and researchers are doing in the field of SD and improvement of techniques (GPL for new fuel, windmill, actions, plans, etc.). This village would be ideally located in timbered environment with water levels and cycle tracks learnedly decorated and well signed.

This interactive park will have sophisiticated multimedias, Internet and Intranet for demonstrations, films, pictures, forums, etc. The material, subjects and objects exhibited will be tactile and robot-like, and objects will be made in-house.

The pavilions

Each pavilion will have 2 floors, one for the exhibitions, demonstrations, etc. the second floor will be the offices of the companies, associations and partners involved in the project.

Restaurants, snacks and B&Bs
The restaurants must serve local food and also specific food of the country guest when they are invited to exhibit and talk about their project or experiences.

There will be 4 B&Bs which will have to marry the landscape and the shape of the village. They will have to reflect the philosophy of the site and must be of good quality/price ratio (offers for week-ends should be targeted).

The snacks will serve healthy food (salads, veg, sandwishes with fresh food, etc.) and drinks. Experimental dishes with the goods from the garden will be done.

The objective is to release maximum of synergy between the various duties, responsibilities and work represented by the concept of the SD in a very pleasant environment both for the actors and the visitors.

· For the people to have a better knowledge of the SD since the Rio Summit, the implications, impacts and results.
· Employment (creative and proactive)
· Education (global educational exhibitions and workshops for the young and adults diffused in a ludic way.
· Information of the knowledges, experiences and results (+fundamental and applied researches).
· To show the universalism of the SD.

The participants will be:

o Associations, foundations and universities (with related bodies together with governmental entities)
o Companies involved in petrol, energy, housing, environment, ecology, geology, fauna and flora, etc.
o Auditors and Advice Bureau
o Sponsors
o Catering



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