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Christopher G. Imperial

Cheap way to solve health problems of the needy


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03 Jan 2013

Location: Philippines

The needy cannot afford medicine let alone a doctor. What’s worse is ignorance plays a part that can result to sicknesses and deaths. I propose a solution wherein the government mandates it by law that doctors must provide medical services to the needy for 1 year before they are allowed to practice. Vans will be converted to pharmacies of generic medicine. When the doctors prescribe medicine, the patient just shows the prescription and the converted pharmacy distributes the medicine of no charge. Since the doctors are free and the medicines are cheap, this won’t account for a major budget. It’s so cheap. Any department, agency, or organization can do it. This will benefit street children, beggars, and people who are in isolated areas. The van and the doctors can travel around towns for a specific region. It’s so cheap that it can end the health problems of the needy. This can be applied to any country: 1st world or 3rd world.

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