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Christopher G. Imperial

A More Efficient and Effective Way to End All Forms of Poverty


Human Rights

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06 Feb 2013

Location: World

The best way to help a family in need is if you educate one or two members of their family with a college education. The college education need not be a good school but as long as it covers the basics. When this happens, they can fend for themselves and solve all their needs. Now it is expensive to educate someone with a college degree, but, if you give a scholarship, let it be one of the cheapest tuition fee. If you educate a female, she would be self sufficient enough even if the school is lacking. You should concentrate on educating for college and not only for high school because if you do, the family you help can fend for themselves. There should be no academic grade requirement for the scholar so that she can finish.

Now to get most out of the charitable institution’s money, the college graduate will be given a deal where if she provides for the college education of one of her siblings, preferably female, she is given a Masters scholarship. Just by providing a college and a Masters scholarship, you get two college graduates and a Masters graduate. The other siblings can get a vocational course or high school diploma on the family’s expense. The result would be a variety of skills in one family. Since the family is the unit of a society, society will have a variety of skills maximally ensuring employment for all.

With the family having a Masters and college graduate, they can afford to pay for an installment plan for a low cost house. They can provide for their medical and basic needs.

To take care of basic security needs, a family is given a $ 20 Chinese cell phone. They are provided a basic load every month. It is best if 911 is mandated by law to call back texters with regards to emergency. That way if a family member is in jeopardy, he/she can text 911, and, expect 911 to call back regarding the details. The local government should provide free charging stations.

To answer the problem of calamities, a family should be given a $ 1 Chinese radio along with a pamphlet educating them to use the radio in times of calamities. Batteries should be provided every month. In case of Tsunamis, earthquakes, storms, and floods, they will be guided by A.M. radio announcers for their safety.

To solve the problem of medical needs, go to this link:



  • I can see what your trying to say. How about this set up a building with an on wall projector its cheap to set up. start as many children/adults as you can in a learning progrem that covers reading, writing, maths and the sciences. base it on grade 1 to 6 by the end of this time make sure that everyone has a thorough understanding in each of these fields. this can be easily achieved with access to the internet and a couple of teachers.
    Then for your middle school years have a 4 subjects per year system where you can choose from 24 main subjects learn from. start from the basics say metal work, wood work, science, electronice start from raw material to finished products. Do this for each subject. then imagine that by the time you have spent the standard 6 years you will have a thorough understanding of 24+ subjects creating a creative and competent workforce that can do anything they put their minds to. This enriches the individual through knowledge and skills thus enriching your society with a compitent workforce that can drive your society in the direction of sustainbility for all life in your area. better building designs , energy, water and resource efficency. go from there.

    Written by Ken Melvin on 10 Feb 2013, at 06:37 Report this comment

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