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Stephen Hall

The purpose of economic activity



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28 Jun 2011

We must change the purpose of commercial organisations from the creation of money to the creation of satisfying and safe employment.
Companies should:
Provide competitively priced goods and services to a marketplace
Provide healthy and enjoyable employment to all employees, the more employees the better
Create money but use it as the lubricant of the commercial function rather than make it the prime objective.
Be socially and ethically responsible.
Be managed efficiently.
Be outside the control or influence of banks and government.
Powerful to ensure survival.


  • I am not sure it is at all desireable for companies to be outside the control of government. Perhaps 'day to day control' is what is meant?

    Powerful? Surely a healthy society has a range of companies, some large and powerful, some very small and (individually) weak. Not all companies should survive.

    Written by Tim Powell on 06 Feb 2012, at 12:33 Report this comment

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