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Tim Powell

Codifying the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


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17 May 2012

There is no need to reinvent the wheel. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, if actually put into force, would transform the position of the individual in relation to the state and improve the lives of most people on the planet.

Furthermore, it is already accepted as a ideal at which to aim, even if few Governments (most of which are actually signatories to it) come close to its implementation. The Declaration is well-known to a wider public and highly respected by it. It has proved its value over the decades since 1948, and met little meaningful opposition that is not rooted in political oppression, religious bigotry or single-issue eccentricity.

It will not solve all the world's ills, particularly those environmental challenges, but will give humanity a greater chance of creating the mechanisms and instiutions needed to address them.



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