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Colin Hillstrom

Tele-conference call for CEO's & VPs: Implementing the Gandhian Trinity for Social Change, Ecology and Peace



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21 Feb 2011

GET YOUR BOAT READY: The situation in Egypt and much of the Middle East is an indicator that evolutionary pressures for social change through a shift in consciousness is building up fast. This presents an unprecedented opportunity for us in the west to ride this wave of shifting consciousness to also overhaul our systems that are in desperate need of improvement. Among these are social justice, ecology, eduction, health, and finance.

The 2012 Winds of Change will bring social change worldwide through a shift in consciousness. This shift will pave the way for impeccable leadership by dredging out any fear-based manipulative elements in our societies. Let's be wise and explore how we can be pro-active as the Universe supports us by filling our sails with the winds of change.

How can we do this? Where shall we begin? Like a ship's captain, leaders can be pro-actively preparing themselves and their organizations for navigating uncharted territories.

I suggest that as a starting point we look at the Gandhian Trinity as a template for positive change: 1) The Upliftment Of All, 2) Self-Fovernment, and 3) Local Economy;

For this purpose I will be facilitating a tele-conference for CEO's and VP's who are curious to explore how we can begin implementing Gandhi's template for social change, ecology, and peace.

WHEN: Wednesday Feb 23, 12 noon-12:45 pm PST

REGISTRATION: Contact me via colin@veraxis.net and I will e-mail you the tele-conference details

Note: There is no fee for this facilitation but contributions are graciously received via Paypal (send to ariole@veraxis.net)

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