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Josh Newton

Take planes out the sky for one day a month



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04 May 2010

Location: Climate Change

Travelling by air is polluting. Aircraft require large amounts of fossil fuels, and their high position in the atmosphere exacerbates the problems of global warming. However, until a greener fuel or engine is commercially viable, this trend will continue and increase. In light of the recent problems caused by the Icelandic volcanic eruption; a new idea is proposed. We all saw the problems caused by the Europe-wide flight groundings, with millions of people left stranded globally - but what if this was planned? If we could agree to take planes out the sky for one day a month, CO2 emissions would fall, skies would be left clear, and people living next to flight-paths could take a well deserved lie-in. With pre-planning, businesses, conferences and holidays would face minimal disruption and airlines could use the grounding time to carry out plane maintenance.



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