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Bijaya Kumar Kabi

Olive Ridley Sea Turtles are struggling to Survive



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16 Dec 2011

Location: Odisha, India

APOWA’s Action:
Over the years, APOWA (Action for Protection of Wild Animals) has been saving, protecting and conserve the endangered sea turtles and their habitat along the Odisha coast. With our sustained campaign, commitment and extreme persuasion combined strongly with field protection, networking with other conservation organizations and stakeholders, comprehensive innovative awareness and education campaigns in nesting sites and adjacent villages. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to be Odisha’s sea turtle champion. Presently, APOWA’s activities each nesting season (started from November 1 to ends on May 30 every year) include:

1. In-situ Conservation and Direct protection of Olive Ridley Sea Turtles:
? Monitoring of nesting turtles along the coastline
? Protecting nests and nesting beaches.
? Protecting nesting females from predatory hazards.
? Protecting from human poachers and human interferences.
? Protection and rescue of baby turtles, hatchlings.
2. Community involvement in the conservation programme: To form, train and dedicate volunteer of the community to take up monitoring and protection of nesting beaches, eggs, and protection of hatchlings on the beach from disorientation within their respective geographic locality. To enhance effective patrols and protection of sea turtles through monitoring units formed in nesting sites.
3. Cleaning of beach debris from nesting habitat: The nesting beach cleaning programme has been conducted each year at the beginning of the sea turtle breeding season.
4. Community Awareness and Education Programme: Sea turtle awareness has been created in the coastal villages of nesting sites.
5. Sea Turtle Education Program in Schools: Students and teachers play a key role in helping sea turtle populations recover. The school outreach program is help teachers and students (and through them, their families) not only learn about sea turtles, but to inspire involvement in conservation efforts.
6. Sustained campaigning with mechanized and trawler associations for the use of TED (Turtle Excluder Devices): We have been creating awareness among the fisheries communities regarding uses of TED. They have been sensitized the need of turtle for a balanced eco system in the sea.
7. Alternative livelihood for traditional fisheries communities: APOWA focuses on providing alternatives to the fisheries communities during nesting season, skill development and capacity building on sustainable use of coastal resources.
8. Scientific Research on the Sea Turtles:

for more details pls visit http://apowa.org.in/our-projects/species-conservation/sea-turtle/



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