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Peter Kearney

Micro trading platform for locally grown food



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22 Mar 2011

Location: Brisbane, Queensland

To develop a micro trading platform for locally grown food which will be an adjunct to the very large organic gardening knowledge base our business provides food gardeners at present at www.cityfoodgrowers.com.

This trading platform could be used down to suburb or town level in any country which is a strong user of the web and branded to a platform operator who will connect with and organise local small scale growers. This will create physical community connections, incentives for people to grow more food and use the land they have in and around cities and make a big contribution to healing our soil and creating a sustainable food system with diversity.

I am already seeking grant funding for this platform, but would like some options on funding and connections with people to build focus groups to create the ideal solution


  • well put together think local act global

    Written by login noggin on 25 Mar 2011, at 15:40 Report this comment

  • This is a fantastic proposal. Here in Bath, UK there is a group called the Bath Organic Group (http://www.bathorganicgroup.org.uk/) - they organise local get-togethers to get more people active in growng their own organic food. This may be a small connection but they may know more people in a wider context that could fulfil an important project like this. I will also keep my eyes and ears open for other connections.

    Written by Tansy Baigent on 28 Mar 2011, at 12:23 Report this comment

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