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chimee yudron

peace in two ways....


Human Behaviour

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14 Mar 2011

Location: delhi

while peace for me is a calm and humble which is not involve in any terror act. it is most essence in our life which is too short to experience. having a life peaceful inside n outside both provide us a life worthwhile. for me outside is the mind peace which is directly related out side activities involves ones body n mind in a way it will affect our peace inside us that is peace within our heart.
for instance, if our daily life is freaky and unbalance then it will automatically affect out brain n then to heart.. it disturbs both mind n heart,, so i think it is really important to have a safe and calm life style to grow more peacefully.
so i pledge people to have a safe and better life.. avoid terror places.. always stay calm and mediate in the morning if possible..



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