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Colin Callan

A Better Future?


Human Behaviour

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18 Jul 2011

My thoughts have evolved out of a desire to rethink the direction the world is heading in and aims to inspire people to create a better world in which to live. I have drawn a line in the sand. Our present planet is on one side, and our future planet is on the other.

I hope I enable you to rethink a future that does not follow on blindly from the ways of the past.

I believe that many of the big world issues such as climate change, the economic crisis, human rights, poverty, energy security and inequality can all have solutions if we act together now in a way that is unbiased and collaborative. A sustainable future is about integrating systems that take on the challenges of the whole planet.

The online community provides an environment for us all to create a positive future vision, connect with others, share knowledge, develop ideas and projects so that they can be put into action. By understanding global issues and connecting with others with shared interests it is possible to facilitate change at a local and international level. By thinking like this you can start designing and creating the future from scratch. Connect with others, share knowledge, ideas and resources, create your own personal vision, set actions to achieve it, develop and share proposals plus create projects to implement your ideas and proposals both locally and internationally. We the people of this planet have the power, lets use it wisely?


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