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Kate Eliopoulos

How could we feel safe online?



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08 Feb 2009

The increasing amount and sophistication of spam, phishing, and other semantic attacks increase users’ uncertainty about the consequences of their actions and their distrust towards other online parties. However, it is astonishing to see the extent to which consumers are willing to assume some level of risk in their transactions. Both businesses and individuals are taking risks in order to reap the benefits of online transactions. And it is not surprising that business users feel more secure online than consumers, with an array of firewalls and other defensive measures in place around them. This result to the constant increase of users’ numbers, who chose to make online transactions when at work.

On the appearance of the WWW initiatives were taken to train individuals for using the Internet. Isn’t it a good time now to train users for consuming in a virtual world?! Won’t it affect their self- efficacy and consequently their trust in the WWW?

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