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Katarzyna Sosinska

Permaculture education



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01 Nov 2011

Location: Everywhere

Today permaculture can only be "learned" when taking a course through a professional body like Permaculture Institute of Australia or Permaculture Association UK (the course is/should be delivered by individuals being members of these bodies).
It's great to see how peoples' perspective changes, but the world needs much more than individual empowerment!

We should take this ready available system and make use of it on a global scale. It should be introduced in universities and also in schools as an obligatory course. Everybody should learn the principles of sustainable living.

But, if this is met with opposition - and you know it will - then local communities are our hope. They should educate as many own members as they can, so that we have more and more practitioners. Gather ten neighbors and together send one of you to the course, which can be relatively expensive for an individual (about 700$ is low fee for 2 weeks 76hrs course plus simple accommodation), but is not for a group of people.



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  • I think this is a really great idea. Through co-operation and collective thought and finance we could ensure that we have people within our community that are able to put in place systems that can ensure our future planet will be one that is sustainable, co-operative and conscientious.

    Written by Tansy Baigent on 01 Nov 2011, at 16:59 Report this comment

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