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Miss Marija Petrova

How to decrease the number of cars?



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11 Feb 2009

Simple, cheap solution - make the driving licence test much harder. This way, less people will be able to pass it, and only the determined, responsible drivers will obtain licences.

Harder test = less cars!


  • However, "determined" does not necessarily equal "responsible". This proposal seems a bit simplistic and does not take into account the desire that most young people have to acquire independence from the family, rightly or wrongly identified with the ability to drive a car. It would also mean that in many cases parents are forced to continue ferrying their offspring around well beyond the age of 18.

    Written by Anna on 02 Apr 2009, at 08:58 Report this comment

  • i dont know - if the "offspring" cant handle a technical driving test, i think he/she deserves some public transport! how about raising age to 21 years old?

    Written by Miss Marija Petrova on 02 Apr 2009, at 15:15 Report this comment

  • i totally agree!
    if they can't pass the driving test, they really don't deserve to drive.
    and public transportation, carpooling...
    it would make a huge difference if everyone seriously looked into it.

    Written by Erika Aranda on 04 Apr 2009, at 22:49 Report this comment

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