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Monday December 20th, 2010


The Latest From the Labs

# magine a country where clean, green electric vehicles dominate the roads and rails, offering drivers and passengers the greatest range, performance, reliability, and price. Where electricity, not oil, is king. And where gasoline is little more than a niche product.

The primary use for gasoline a century ago was as a remedy for killing head lice. The cars that could go the farthest and fastest were electric. Electric trolleys and trains were ubiquitous, handling 12 billion passenger trips a year.

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Latest proposals from other citizens.

Start Reducing Emissions by 10% Every Year!

It's simple. Everyone starts living more responsibly and sustainably - not just individuals but businesses and schools, hospitals and local governments. Over 100,000 people globally are already doing it!


Industrial Hemp for a Sick Planet

Without writing a novel here I would like to propose the idea of community education In Hemp based foods for both Humans and animals alike. These vital essences of natural oils must be restored to our diet in an attempt the help the sick and suffering recover.



Support or volunteer your time to help these worthy projects!

Climate Change
Torridon Forest Garden Croft

A 1ha rushy field being used to grow a multi faceted range of foods, fuel and craft materials in the heart of the mountain and coastal area known as Torridon, in Wester Ross, Scotland.


Climate Change
10:10 Globa

10:10 is an ambitious project to unite every sector of society behind one simple idea: cutting our carbon by 10% a year starting now...


Unique Child Network

The Unique Child (UQC) Network is a new site that aims to promote the bringing together of people worldwide who are concerned about the nature of current educational systems and their lack of focus on the wellbeing and innate potential of each child.


No projects in your area? Create one or encourage local projects to join so others can support them.


Want to change your behaviour to a more sustainable way of life? Here are some actions that other citizens have started taking this month.

Sustainable Living
Keep Rural People Aware of the Cost of their Actions

Whatever a person is doing it should be towards conserving the world.


Human Behaviour
Stop Selfishness

I was taught to be kind and selfless since from my birth till now by my great parents. But when I came out in the real world, I found every individual really are too greedy and self centred.



If we all grew our own food, even in cities we would have better finances, better health cleaner air. We need to plant back yard gardens it is not hard, no matter where you live. Even in cities one can have a raised bed of produce or join community gardens, plant and share, plant and trade. Plant for others that can't, trade food for other services. I am growing my garden now and I share my bounty with neighbours.


10:10 Worldwide Blogs

Keep up to date with the work of 10:10 groups from all over the world and follow their progress in reducing carbon emissions!

denmarkDenmark – Advent calendar of cutting emissions




Down the Dark Mountain

Artists, musicians, farmers, scientists, woodworkers, engineers… all types from all corners of the globe are responding to the clarion call to break ranks and join Dark Mountain – a new movement more attuned to the realities of climate change. Co-founder Paul Kingsnorth explains.

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