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Our Future Planet

Thursday January 7th, 2010


Copenhagen crisis

Cop 15As the planet seethes in the light of Copenhagen failures, Giles Crosse casts an eye over what can be done to maintain positivity. “I spent about ten hours in a rather stuffy room with President Obama and about twenty Heads of State and Government who were into the nitty gritty of drafting the final text,” said Yvo de Boer, describing the final moments of the conference. Read More »


San Francisco Turns Discarded Christmas Trees into Energy

Discarded Christmas trees in San Francisco are picked up curbside, sent through a chipper and then used as fuel at a waste-to-energy facility.

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By Giles Crosse

The best way to notice issues is to stop and take time to realise they exist


Making lunches to take to work: I have always done this in the summer however in the winter have brought soups from the supermarket to heat up
By Charlise Bade

Uses mainly local produce and reduces packaging waste through using tupperware containers.



Recycle or die: 3 bins + 1 future
by Natalia Kurop

I have just made myself a promise, this year I am going to be a better 'recycler' of my waste. No more 'naughty' little papers in the food bin, or mixing up the rubbish in one sack for me, no sir, not me! Today, the future starts here, in my little apartment in Brussels. I have started organising all my rubbish, and where possible eliminating the need to create rubbish, such as plastic bags. I even started looking at worm farms for my little garden... perhaps tomorrow's action will be wild worm farming? I'll keep you posted.

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