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  • Student-centred School System

    George Santayana once said: "Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it". My question is: Does the school system do its best to expand and excite young minds? My project is proposing a Student-centred School System as a way of rethinking secondary school education.

    supporter Created By Karl Jaeger read project

    We Integrate Scholarship with the Collection of Recyclables and Frequently-generated Thrash.

    supporter Created By Crispina Corpuz read project

    We Integrate Scholarship with the Collection of Recyclables and Frequently-generated Thrash.

    supporter Created By Crispina Corpuz read project
  • One Canvas One Soul~A.R.T: Awareness, Revolution, Tranquility

    (Two part project) One Canvas One Soul began as a personal web site project to unify the arts and celebrate diversity. The site provides a community, gallery, forum and resources for artists who are interested in sharing and inspiring their community through their work.One Canvas One Soul is also the platform for Awareness, Revolution and Tranquility. The concept began brewing in my mind last summer and with a Blueprints (campus leadership program) the project has found a more direct purpose and a means to execute.Each letter in the word art represents its own word and in turn a step in the movement. A.R.T, creates awareness for various issues that plague society, revolution puts in movement advocacy via galleries, workshops, open mics etc. and tranquility just provides a calm after "the storm".

    supporter Created By (Jacqui) One Canvas One Soul read project
  • Positive Journey Creations

    A non profit organization whose main focus is to create teamwork amoung community residents to reduce poverty through projects that will encourage effective communication, exposure to hidden talent and a grouping of skills for service to one another.

    supporter Created By Anyika John read project

    The Unique Child (UQC) Network www.uniquechildnetwork.ning.com is a new site that aims to promote the bringing together of people worldwide who are concerned about the nature of current educational systems and their lack of focus on the wellbeing and innate potential of each child. It suggests that learning models should serve the healthy and sustainable development of the communities within which they exist and that diversity of interest and ability (i.e. not 'one size fits all) is the natural expression of any organic system. It also suggests that creativity, risk-taking and innovation are essential elements for any healthy system. It pays particular attention to the vital foundational importance of the early years and the need to protect the rights of each child as a joyful and uniquely predisposed learner. It invites dialogue, debate and contributions from those who wish to be part of the current re-visioning of approach being suggested by key thinkers of all disciplines. It also encourages the development of an evidence-based 'Science of Learning' that can challenge traditional models and better underpin our understanding of the child as a dynamic natural learner.

    supporter Created By wendy ellyatt read project
  • Booktown

    Living in the country is a challenge to creativity: how to sustain socially inclusive activities

    supporter Created By Peter read project
  • Pine Forest Eco Lodge

    Opportunity to be co creator of Eco Lodge 15,000m2 agricultural land with permission to build treehouse suites.Borders fresh spring river and 100,000m2 pine forest land. Looking for participants/partners wanting to live off the grid in nature off the land.

    supporter Created By corinne parry soku read project

    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

    supporter Created By johnwilliam hohepa read project
  • The Evaluations of Christ Nature Initiative

    The Evaluations of Christ Nature is a group/cause established by Jason Jowett for the purpose of achieving a unified and global consensus on the matters of mind and body.

    supporter Created By Jason Jowett read project