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  • Keeping Skilled Workers in Haiti

    The earthquake in Haiti was one of the worst humanitarian disasters in recent history. It is thought to have killed over 150,000 people. We need to ensure that the reconstruction of the country, and especially Port-au-Prince, is well planned to ensure the country gets back on its feet as soon as possible.

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  • Population Debate - St Pancras Church, London. 10 June 2010. 6pm to 8pm

    Chair: Geoff Watts (BBC Radio 4) Speakers: Aubrey Manning OBE (University of Edinburgh), Professor John Guillebaud (UCL), Roger Martin (Optimum Population Trust), Fred Pearce (New Scientist, Guardian), Savina Geerinckx (Street Child Africa), The Revd Jeremy Caddick (University of Cambridge).

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  • 100% Sustainable Linear Eco-cities for energy, food and transportation!

    When we are further into the problems of oil depletion and global climate change, we will see that early action is especially critical. Please see the range of solutions that I developed as I undertook the absolutely extraordinary experience of recovering from my heart stopping for 10 minutes following a car accident in Kenya. I staggered, walked and jogged more than 330 miles (3.6 x 92 times) from Radley to Dorchester-upon-Thames shortly after my arrival as an immigrant in a wheel chair to England in 1980. I later went on to run 2 of my own design companies, and to become a professor at the Swiss campus of one of the world's great design schools, California's Art Center College of Design, before I returned to my native Michigan to attack the problems at their core!

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    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

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