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  • Setting up a 'Future Club' in your community

    Future Clubs offer an opporunity for like-minded people to meet face-to-face in a relaxed and enjoyable social setting for some focussed discussion on various aspects of how they want their lives to be over the next 20 years. Guiding Principles for the meetings are (1) Positivity – focus on the positive, yet embrace all experiences (2) Integrity - walk the talk, be the change (3) Action – to provide support and encouragement so we can begin to manifest our visions (4) Fun – enjoy the evening and make it enjoyable for everyone (5) Personal – focus on what we want for ourselves and what we can do personally and together (6) Timescale – from the present to 2030

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  • Kensington Meadows - Creating Edible Landscape

    • What - Community tree planting event • Where – Kensington Meadows, London Road, Bath • When – 10am Saturday 13th November 2010 More Trees for Bath and north east Somerset is one of the first in the country to receive 420 free trees from the Woodland Trust as part of its "More Trees, More Good" campaign. Over the next 50 years, millions of native trees are to be planted across the UK, producing a range of benefits that we can all enjoy. Over 500 registrations were received for community packs this autumn and, as a result, more than 70,000 trees will be planted. Hundreds of neighbourhoods across the UK will celebrate with a public tree planting event and more are encouraged to follow this example by registering for a free tree pack for spring or autumn 2011 from the Trust.

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  • Save Badgers - Boycott Welsh Dairy Products Campaign

    The new Defra Secretary, Caroline Spelman, has said that she is looking at the science before she implements any 'cull' of badgers in England. However, contradicting reports have said that 'culling' is imminent. Therefore, it is vital that as many people as possible write to her to ask her to do the right thing.

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  • Temwa- Agriculture and Forestry

    So far, our agriculture and forestry programmes have consisted of several small-scale projects aimed at involving and educating the local community about the range of crops they can grow to contribute to a healthier and more nutritional diet. We have also started a budding community tree nursery and are currently undertaking some long-term research to inform the direction of our future projects.

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  • Temwa- Skills Development

    As part of our holistic approach to tackling poverty in Malawi, we have run a series of skills training courses for local people.

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  • Craft Link Africa

    Set up of a Local Training and Marketing Outlet, Development of a Quality Assurance Centre (Centre of Excellence) and Providing services to micro entrepreneurs. Establishing routes to manufacturing and distributors, focusing on Fair Trade Hand Craft Sector in Kenya

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    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

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