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  • EcoJam Website - Bringing together Bristol's local, ethical and green scene

    Ecojam is a jamboree of all the green, local and ethical stuff going on in and around Bristol. Bringing together news, events, green jobs, free stuff, green directory, discussions and much more all in one easy to use website at www.ecojam.org Whatever you need or want to change, you’ll find something or someone here to help you. Ecojam is all about celebrating the great work going on in Bristol, informing and connecting people.

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  • Sustainable Bristol City-Region Programme

    The Bristol city-region, home to one million people in the West of England, is the UK’s leading pioneer in urban sustainable living. We propose to help make Bristol one of the top green cities in the world. www.sustainablebristol.com or join us on Facebook and LinkedIn

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  • Positive Journey Creations

    A non profit organization whose main focus is to create teamwork amoung community residents to reduce poverty through projects that will encourage effective communication, exposure to hidden talent and a grouping of skills for service to one another.

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  • Pine Forest Eco Lodge

    Opportunity to be co creator of Eco Lodge 15,000m2 agricultural land with permission to build treehouse suites.Borders fresh spring river and 100,000m2 pine forest land. Looking for participants/partners wanting to live off the grid in nature off the land.

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    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

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