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  • Plant trees through www.Grow-Trees.com at Kanha for tigers and people

    India's national parks, even the highly-protected tiger reserves such as Kanha, find themselves losing tree cover and therefore wildlife habitat, because poor people harvest them for their fuel needs

    supporter Created By pradip shah read project
  • rescue and rehabilitating animal project

    the project is about to save endangered species of animals.

    supporter Created By SAURABH J DONGRE read project
  • biodiversity portal of singapore www.biodiversity.sg

    The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore is a major initiative to raise awareness on biodiversity not just in Singapore and South East Asia but worldwide. The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore was developed to celebrate the international year of biodiversity in 2010. This programme was developed for the purpose of raising awareness on biodiversity and the dramatic issue of the intensifying trend of the extinction of species on Earth, one of the main environmental challenges of the 21st century. This programme was conceptualized and developed based on a book: “The Biodiversity of Life on Earth: from Heritage to Extinction”. This book was used as a core for the website aiming to provide a unique educational platform on biodiversity. Furthermore, various sections of this website were specifically developed with the intention to serve as a hub for individuals and organisations willing to learn and act on the subject Please visit the site at: www.biodiversity.sg This programme is a CSR initiative from Siloso Beach Resort (www.silosobeachresort.com)

    supporter Created By sylvain richer de forges read project
  • plastic waste recycle in peru

    i have an small project to recycle plastic waste from industrial uses and domestic uses

    supporter Created By MANUEL BARBA read project
  • free energy

    to produce free energy without any burning derivates

    supporter Created By fatmir lushaj read project

    a 1 ha rushy field being used to grow a multi faceted range of foods, fuel and craft materials in the heart of the mountain and coastal area known as Torridon, in Wester Ross, Scotland.

    supporter Created By LES BATES read project
  • Pine Forest Eco Lodge

    Opportunity to be co creator of Eco Lodge 15,000m2 agricultural land with permission to build treehouse suites.Borders fresh spring river and 100,000m2 pine forest land. Looking for participants/partners wanting to live off the grid in nature off the land.

    supporter Created By corinne parry soku read project

    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

    supporter Created By johnwilliam hohepa read project