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Human Behaviour

  • Save the World, Spread the Love

    The purpose of this project is to encourage artists globally to create and submit works of art that coincide with the vision of global unity and pacifism among our peoples. Save the World, Spread the Love was born in hopes that that vision may one day become a reality. You may submit pictures of your drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, songs, poems, essays, photographs, etc. to the page in hopes of inspiring and uniting artists across the world. Collectively, we can make this vision of Love everlasting and spread outwards towards all reaches of our world.

    supporter Created By Marianna Belmares read project
  • Getting rid of the broken windows of our neighborhoods and giving our children a positive environment to grow and florish...

    Hi, I am an African American female who have grew up a middle class neighborhood and attended one of the best highschools in Missouri. However, I had children and moved on my own and was able to see what its like to live in poverty. It seems like I have witnessed to distinctively different worlds!... I know how privledged it is to live in a safe and comfortable neighborhood, breath fresh air, play in modern safe and clean parks, and attend schools that prepare you for success in college. I also know what it is like to live in a place where most people have no hope, their environment is filled with litter, dust, and dirt, where the playgrounds are not safe and the equipment is run down. I know what its like to live in a neighborhood where broken windows are ignored. I have witnessed that most people who have lived in poverty all their life, they do not know how good life can be.

    supporter Created By Ashley Bailey read project
  • rescue and rehabilitating animal project

    the project is about to save endangered species of animals.

    supporter Created By SAURABH J DONGRE read project
  • South Lakes Action on Climate Change toward Transition

    We are a community led orgnisation in South Lakeland in Cumbria involved in a wide variety of campaigns, protests and local climate change projects. Go to www.slacc.org.uk for more information.

    supporter Created By South Lakes Action on Climate Change read project
  • The Green Light - www.tgl.tv

    Our project aims to enable communities to become invest-worthy and self-sustaining across our planet. We provide the software, systems and hands-on training to all of like mind, anywhere. At its heart is a debt-free banking system, which pays members for teaching and learning. So, we can create a new socio-economy founded on the demand for goods and services required by creative, fulfilled people using their own software systems as an essential delivery tool.

    supporter Created By Peter Forrest read project
  • www.greenwestlancs.org.uk

    It started with the aim of helping people here in West Lancashire to get a clearer understanding of the environmental problems confronting us and their interconnection with all aspects of our lives. But the issues are not limited to one area or one country; they apply to everyone everywhere.

    supporter Created By Maurice George read project
  • Sustainable Bristol City-Region Programme

    The Bristol city-region, home to one million people in the West of England, is the UK’s leading pioneer in urban sustainable living. We propose to help make Bristol one of the top green cities in the world. www.sustainablebristol.com or join us on Facebook and LinkedIn

    supporter Created By Paul Rainger read project
  • Free Land

    The first action took place on January 2nd 2011 by moving onto 9 acres in Laughton, East Sussex UK. I spent the night in the burnt out house on site, which is officially a squat. I am committed to staying there until I gain security of tenure or get evicted. Although this takes the form of a land-based, spiritual community, a bigger movement could embrace a wider range of values and objectives. Our time is now. Let's get out there.

    supporter Created By Luke Williams read project
  • Letting Be

    Near the end of Hamlet he begins a speech 'Let be'. It is my ambition to allow people to be. It is not that simple of course.

    supporter Created By Jane Langton read project
  • Temwa- Agriculture and Forestry

    So far, our agriculture and forestry programmes have consisted of several small-scale projects aimed at involving and educating the local community about the range of crops they can grow to contribute to a healthier and more nutritional diet. We have also started a budding community tree nursery and are currently undertaking some long-term research to inform the direction of our future projects.

    supporter Created By Temwa read project