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Human Rights

  • Save the World, Spread the Love

    The purpose of this project is to encourage artists globally to create and submit works of art that coincide with the vision of global unity and pacifism among our peoples. Save the World, Spread the Love was born in hopes that that vision may one day become a reality. You may submit pictures of your drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, songs, poems, essays, photographs, etc. to the page in hopes of inspiring and uniting artists across the world. Collectively, we can make this vision of Love everlasting and spread outwards towards all reaches of our world.

    supporter Created By Marianna Belmares read project
  • Universal Liberation from underneath IMF Jesuit globalization policies!

    this project focus on global unification for all human beings on earth (193 member nation states), under international individual human rights law of fundamental equality. once humanity unite against IMF jesuit globalization policies which has been plaguing the commercial world, then we will have full diplomatic authority to politically change the world with the tremendous force of the voice of the people

    supporter Created By Luel Ras Mesfin Haile Selassie I(c) read project
  • Temwa- HIV/AIDS Awareness

    Temwa's health education programmes have primarily been focused in the area of HIV & AIDS education. To date, our diverse range of programmes has covered a wide scope, targeting many different groups within the communities.

    supporter Created By Temwa read project
  • Temwa- Skills Development

    As part of our holistic approach to tackling poverty in Malawi, we have run a series of skills training courses for local people.

    supporter Created By Temwa read project
  • Lotus Birth Campaign For Babies, 'Speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves'.

    The Lotus Birth Campaign for Babies is about raising awareness about the third stage of labour and how it can heal and transform humanity if it is left to complete its natural physiological cycle. Lotus Birth being when the umbilical cord is left uncut to detach from the navel in its own time, keeping the baby's aura intact at the time of arrival on this planet. Lotus Birth keeps mother and baby united during those first few precious days and encourages a peaceful beginning and promoted skin~to~skin and breastfeeding.

    supporter Created By Cher-oona Vicky Sievey read project

    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

    supporter Created By johnwilliam hohepa read project