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Sustainable Living

  • Save the World, Spread the Love

    The purpose of this project is to encourage artists globally to create and submit works of art that coincide with the vision of global unity and pacifism among our peoples. Save the World, Spread the Love was born in hopes that that vision may one day become a reality. You may submit pictures of your drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, songs, poems, essays, photographs, etc. to the page in hopes of inspiring and uniting artists across the world. Collectively, we can make this vision of Love everlasting and spread outwards towards all reaches of our world.

    supporter Created By Marianna Belmares read project
  • Setting up a 'Future Club' in your community

    Future Clubs offer an opporunity for like-minded people to meet face-to-face in a relaxed and enjoyable social setting for some focussed discussion on various aspects of how they want their lives to be over the next 20 years. Guiding Principles for the meetings are (1) Positivity – focus on the positive, yet embrace all experiences (2) Integrity - walk the talk, be the change (3) Action – to provide support and encouragement so we can begin to manifest our visions (4) Fun – enjoy the evening and make it enjoyable for everyone (5) Personal – focus on what we want for ourselves and what we can do personally and together (6) Timescale – from the present to 2030

    supporter Created By Ian Tennant read project
  • Solar Fire


    supporter Created By Wissenz Eva read project
  • 100% Sustainable Linear Eco-cities for energy, food and transportation!

    When we are further into the problems of oil depletion and global climate change, we will see that early action is especially critical. Please see the range of solutions that I developed as I undertook the absolutely extraordinary experience of recovering from my heart stopping for 10 minutes following a car accident in Kenya. I staggered, walked and jogged more than 330 miles (3.6 x 92 times) from Radley to Dorchester-upon-Thames shortly after my arrival as an immigrant in a wheel chair to England in 1980. I later went on to run 2 of my own design companies, and to become a professor at the Swiss campus of one of the world's great design schools, California's Art Center College of Design, before I returned to my native Michigan to attack the problems at their core!

    supporter Created By Mr. Kim Gyr read project
  • EcoJam Website - Bringing together Bristol's local, ethical and green scene

    Ecojam is a jamboree of all the green, local and ethical stuff going on in and around Bristol. Bringing together news, events, green jobs, free stuff, green directory, discussions and much more all in one easy to use website at www.ecojam.org Whatever you need or want to change, you’ll find something or someone here to help you. Ecojam is all about celebrating the great work going on in Bristol, informing and connecting people.

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    Sustain the Pearl-Uganda,is A community Based Organization in Uganda,b.The organization's operations are carried out in two broad programs which include; 1.] Environmental conservation program 2.] Livelihood improvement program

    supporter Created By Ssegawa charles read project
  • South Lakes Action on Climate Change toward Transition

    We are a community led orgnisation in South Lakeland in Cumbria involved in a wide variety of campaigns, protests and local climate change projects. Go to www.slacc.org.uk for more information.

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  • Staveley Green Travel Initiative

    Staveley Green Travel Initiative (Staveley Gti) is a community led project aimed at improving quality of life by increasing awareness of alternative travel options and their benefits in the village of Staveley in Cumbria. Last year we went door-to-door offering local people individual travel planning, signposting useful organisations and providing bus timetables and other interesting material. We also ran a series of events such as cycle maintanance workshops and bike trains. Go to http://www.staveley-gti.co.uk/ for more information.

    supporter Created By South Lakes Action on Climate Change read project
  • The Green Light - www.tgl.tv

    Our project aims to enable communities to become invest-worthy and self-sustaining across our planet. We provide the software, systems and hands-on training to all of like mind, anywhere. At its heart is a debt-free banking system, which pays members for teaching and learning. So, we can create a new socio-economy founded on the demand for goods and services required by creative, fulfilled people using their own software systems as an essential delivery tool.

    supporter Created By Peter Forrest read project
  • www.greenwestlancs.org.uk

    It started with the aim of helping people here in West Lancashire to get a clearer understanding of the environmental problems confronting us and their interconnection with all aspects of our lives. But the issues are not limited to one area or one country; they apply to everyone everywhere.

    supporter Created By Maurice George read project