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The Arts

  • Save the World, Spread the Love

    The purpose of this project is to encourage artists globally to create and submit works of art that coincide with the vision of global unity and pacifism among our peoples. Save the World, Spread the Love was born in hopes that that vision may one day become a reality. You may submit pictures of your drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, songs, poems, essays, photographs, etc. to the page in hopes of inspiring and uniting artists across the world. Collectively, we can make this vision of Love everlasting and spread outwards towards all reaches of our world.

    supporter Created By Marianna Belmares read project
  • One Canvas One Soul~A.R.T: Awareness, Revolution, Tranquility

    (Two part project) One Canvas One Soul began as a personal web site project to unify the arts and celebrate diversity. The site provides a community, gallery, forum and resources for artists who are interested in sharing and inspiring their community through their work.One Canvas One Soul is also the platform for Awareness, Revolution and Tranquility. The concept began brewing in my mind last summer and with a Blueprints (campus leadership program) the project has found a more direct purpose and a means to execute.Each letter in the word art represents its own word and in turn a step in the movement. A.R.T, creates awareness for various issues that plague society, revolution puts in movement advocacy via galleries, workshops, open mics etc. and tranquility just provides a calm after "the storm".

    supporter Created By (Jacqui) One Canvas One Soul read project
  • The Green Light - www.tgl.tv

    Our project aims to enable communities to become invest-worthy and self-sustaining across our planet. We provide the software, systems and hands-on training to all of like mind, anywhere. At its heart is a debt-free banking system, which pays members for teaching and learning. So, we can create a new socio-economy founded on the demand for goods and services required by creative, fulfilled people using their own software systems as an essential delivery tool.

    supporter Created By Peter Forrest read project
  • Booktown

    Living in the country is a challenge to creativity: how to sustain socially inclusive activities

    supporter Created By Peter read project

    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

    supporter Created By johnwilliam hohepa read project