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  • End Rhino Poaching

    On the 2nd of March 2012, 2 bull Rhinos and 1 female Rhino were poached for their horns at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa. Sadly, the older bull Rhino died of his wounds that night. Themba (pictured left) suffered extensive leg damage during his attack along with horrific facial wounds. Over three weeks after his attack, he had gone to find comfort for his painful leg in a watering hole, it seems he hadn't the strength to pull himself out and very sadly drowned on Sunday 25th March. The news was devastating for the Kariega team, Dr Fowlds and all who had grown so fond of Themba while following the story on the Kariega facebook page. Thandi, the female Rhino (pictured right) is a walking miracle. She has healed well, although some signs of infection were recently noted in her facial wounds. You can see the heartbreaking footage of Themba and Thandi in the youtube videos. The footage contains upsetting scenes. Through the sharing of Themba and Thandi's story, a new wave of global support has been generated. The more we share the closer we will become to bringing and end to Rhino poaching.

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  • Community led Olive Ridley Sea Turtle and Their Habitat Conservation Programme

    The Gahirmatha, Rushikullya and Devi river mouth of Odisha state is well known for world’s largest Olive Ridley sea turtle rookery. The Olive Ridley sea turtle (Lepidochelys Olivacea), which nests along the Odisha coast, is highly endangered today. This species is especially known for its mass nesting or arribada when several thousands of turtles migrate to the breeding ground to mate and nest simultaneously. Although mass nesting or arribada takes place in three sites, the adjacent beaches of these places also contribute greatly through sporadic nesting of sea turtles. Olive Ridley Sea Turtles in Odisha represents about 50 % of its world population and 90% of the population of sea turtles along the Indian coast comes to Odisha coasts for nesting.

    supporter Created By Bijaya Kumar Kabi read project
  • biodiversity portal of singapore www.biodiversity.sg

    The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore is a major initiative to raise awareness on biodiversity not just in Singapore and South East Asia but worldwide. The Biodiversity Portal of Singapore was developed to celebrate the international year of biodiversity in 2010. This programme was developed for the purpose of raising awareness on biodiversity and the dramatic issue of the intensifying trend of the extinction of species on Earth, one of the main environmental challenges of the 21st century. This programme was conceptualized and developed based on a book: “The Biodiversity of Life on Earth: from Heritage to Extinction”. This book was used as a core for the website aiming to provide a unique educational platform on biodiversity. Furthermore, various sections of this website were specifically developed with the intention to serve as a hub for individuals and organisations willing to learn and act on the subject Please visit the site at: www.biodiversity.sg This programme is a CSR initiative from Siloso Beach Resort (www.silosobeachresort.com)

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  • Medicinal Plant Conservation Project in Sri Lanka

    We suppose to carry out Medicinal Plant identification conservation and regeneration project in sri lanka. as well as we are plan to cultivate medicinal plant and bring to international market only economic valuable plant then we can improve economic status of rural area people in out country and we can save very important medicinal plant in sri lanka. we hope to do In- situ, Ex- situ conservation, maintain nursery,GIS maping, development of medicinal plant former, awareness programs and many programs are allocate for the protection of medicinal plant in sri lanka.

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  • Save Badgers - Boycott Welsh Dairy Products Campaign

    The new Defra Secretary, Caroline Spelman, has said that she is looking at the science before she implements any 'cull' of badgers in England. However, contradicting reports have said that 'culling' is imminent. Therefore, it is vital that as many people as possible write to her to ask her to do the right thing.

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  • NaturesScope

    NaturesScope is a philosophical and educational project that brings an inspiring new way to unblock our natural empathy and creativity by learning from as well as about Nature.

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  • Save the South March Highlands

    The South March Highlands is an old-growth forest wetland complex with countless lakes and ponds established on an extensive outcropping of the billion year old canadian shield. This area has high environmental significance, and it contains several animal and plant species at risk.

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    I am seeking an opportunity in promoting the establishment and or network operation of an international WELFARE BASED TELEVISION BROADCAST NETWORK.

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