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The fossil fuel model has run out of road. We have no option but to revolutionize the energy system. Most of the time available has already been wasted by the oil lobby and its political allies. National governments and useless old men who run city councils continue to make the wrong decisions.  It is time to get serious about this. And unreasonable. We need to create a new system, and that needs intelligence and order. Carbon needs a high and stable price, but for that price to result in avoided emissions, i.e. renewable energy and carbon capture solutions, a global market is also needed. Otherwise we'll be sitting in the cold and dark on our own, while the seas rise and the super-hurricanes approach. - By Dr Julian Caldecott

Existing technologies have the potential to power the world reliably and cleanly, however, major political and economical barriers still stand in our way. The developed world has irresponsibly supported dirty fossil fuel industries for decades and irreversibly exploited the planet’s phenomenal coal, oil and gas resources. The burning of these precious resources has undoubtedly fuelled the rapid technological and social progress that has brought an improved quality of life to many. However, it has also helped create a seemingly insurmountable gap between the world’s richest and poorest. Commitment to a new model of development is imperative if we are not to condemn the planet to the catastrophic impacts of climate change.

As citizens of the Planet Earth our collective voice has the power to overcome all barriers to a clean energy revolution.

Check out the proposals/projects pages and the work of our links and partner organizations to get involved. Also, take a look at Our Future Planet’s innovative ‘Ideas Globe’ to understand how Energy issues link to other planetary issues such as Economics/Politics, the Built Environment and Ecosystems. Let’s create a cleaner and fairer energy system.