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  • To make a difference, you have to be the one to start!

    I believe that all people, as employees, employers, consumers and leaders, hold the power. We can choose and create better business by thinking about who we work for and with, who we buy from and what we buy. By changing our own behaviour, we can change how businesses behave too. As well as exerting your power as a consumer, you can take action and get involved with (or start your own!) local trading or complementary currency scheme - where the focus is on keeping wealth in the local economy, and having a meaningful exchange for goods. You have to think creatively about... Read more

    Shared by 16 Citizens Created by Mike Mainer
  • Create an ethical internet advertising service.

    To provide a fund raising service for OurFuturePlanet.org itself, and a service that can in part be given back to the community via other non-profit organizations.

    Shared by 2 Citizens Created by Steve