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  • A New Approach to Religion

    There are thousands of religions. Half of the world's population follow Christianity or Islam. Religion plays one of the most integral roles in the present planet and, even for those who have no religious belief it's hard to imagine life without it.
    The key question is, in a future planet, what role will religion play?

    Written by Karl Jaeger on 24 Feb 2009, at 14:43 (2 Comments) read proposal
  • Religion or Humans - which is the problem?

    I am just wondering whether Religion has been a problem in our History or is it Humans using Religion as a mean of Power, War and Crimes?

    Written by Ruben Kostucki on 10 Nov 2008, at 15:06 (5 Comments) read proposal
  • Should our future planet have a religion?

    This is just one question we need to consider for our future planet.

    Written by Sam Harvey on 04 Nov 2008, at 16:10 (1 Comment) read proposal