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There are about 540 million cars on the world's roads. If countries like India and China take up the Western world's driving habits this will rise to more like 3 billion.

Despite jams, lack of parking, expensive fuel, high car costs and pollution, advertisers sell us the dream of fast cars swishing along empty roads through unspoilt countryside, and we still buy it.

"Technology is the art of arranging the world so that we don't have to experience it" - Martin Heidegger

The number of flights people take has also increased dramatically, to the point where it is now 'normal', and acceptable, to jet off for the weekend to the destination of your choice. It isn't just that - there are more and cheaper flights worldwide than ever before which is a problem. At about the altitude planes fly, it's thought that exhaust emissions are 4 times more effective in forming greenhouse gases than they are on the ground. It's an irony then that in bolting around the globe in planes, we're threatening the very natural beauty we travel to see.

Transport accounts for around 20% of worldwide energy use, most of which is unsustainable. It's a big issue, and you have a key role in it.


A UITP information sheet: Light Rail Transit – A Safe Means of Transport 
In the public opinion and the media, accidents involving trams are frequently reported in a very negative way for trams. The main reason behind this is that due to the limited number of occurrences, public opinion tends to react more emotionally.
The objective of this document is to demonstrate the objective reality of safety records of LRT, based on statistical data from a number of cities.
Life Cycle Cost Optimisation 
The objective of the original study was to look atthe issue of Life Cycle CostManagement(LCCM) in the railway industry, the recenttrends in this field and the possible recommendations for its application to the railway industry.
Obsolescence and Durability of Spare Parts and Components 
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A value chain approach
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